Custom Bikini 1694757218

Bum Cut: Pro
Front Cut: Original
Fabric: Petrol Mystique
Crystal Design: VEGAS
Crystal Colour: Sapphire AB, Capri Blue, Blue Zircon
Connector: classic thin
Cleavage Connector Style: Square flower
Back Bling Style: –
Rib cage measurement: –
Bottom Size: X Small (6)
Bra Size: Small (a-b Cup)
Bust: Natural
Extra Padding: Yes please. Add $10
Height: 166
Bikini Case: No thanks
Robe: No thanks
Wee Funnel: No thanks

Date of Competition: 30 March 2024
Additional Notes: Dates not announced yet! Season A IFBB Pro League state shows so probably April 2024.
For the crystals, majority blue zircon/teal but with capri blue highlights and a few specs of the AB for some sparkle reflections, so that overall it will look more teal, less green. I was leaning towards the seaweed mystique but selected petrol mystique based on your suggestion to try and match Tay Shean’s bikini but without using the velvet – I trust your creative instincts to make a gorgeous mix. If you could make the bra cups a little wider than normal- you did that for my purple/blue bikini for Season A ’23 and it was perfect – that would be good to replicate, thank you!