Custom Bikini 1717737890

Bum Cut: Micro Pro
Front Cut: Wellness
Fabric: Shattered Black Emerald
Crystal Design: PARIS
Crystal Colour: Emerald, Emerald AB, Erinite
Connector: classic thin
Cleavage Connector Style: Classic 3 row
Back Bling Style: –
Rib cage measurement: No
Current Bottoms Size: Medium (10)
Bra Size: 10F
Bust: Implants
Extra Padding: No thanks
Height: 162
Bikini Case: No thanks
Robe: No thanks
Wee Funnel: No thanks

Additional Notes: My posing suit purchased from you could be a good size to work with – I do have implants but tatas do get smaller to around maybe 10E when stage ready.
Currently don’t pose with the bottoms on as they’re a bit too small for my size but I’ll lean out into them (we hefty gal)
Please let me know what the cut off date would be if I’m wanting to order a second! I’m still undecided 😀
Or if you have any read-made ones in my size I could take a look at that would be amazing! The hardest part is choosing the colours, I’m so indecisive 😀

Date of Competition: 22 September 2024
What federation are you competing in?: IFBB – Season C
Sept 22nd – NSW Qualifier
Sept 29th – Nationals